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The attorneys at the Law Firm of Gibson and Jarvis are experienced in representing clients throughout the entire foreclosure process. While the foreclosure timeline may vary depending upon each particular case, in general an uncontested foreclosure in Escambia and Santa Rosa County takes approximately two to three months. When the homeowner, however, takes action to defend against the bank to stop or delay foreclosure, it will take longer.

The lawyers at Gibson & Jarvis PA can help you discover the foreclosure alternatives and find the best solution for you.


The time-line in a foreclosure process is crucial in order to ensure that a homeowner can fight to keep his home, have time for a short sale, negotiate a loan modification or file for bankruptcy. If action is not taken in time there is nothing that a homeowner can do, except lose his or her house. This is why it is of the utmost importance that you contact an attorney as soon as possible if you have been served a notice of foreclosure. 

Having a skilled Florida foreclosure lawyer at your side during the entire foreclosure process will enable you to fight to keep your home, sell your home or otherwise reach an outcome that is better for your financial situation both now and in the future.  By acting quickly, you will be able to explore such options including, but not limited to, a loan modification, a short sale, a deed in lieu of foreclosure, or filing for bankruptcy.  The foreclosure process can be exceedingly complex and time consuming, particularly for a person who has little or no legal experience or knowledge regarding Florida foreclosure proceedings. That is why we recommend that you contact an attorney with experience defending foreclosures as soon as possible when you have been served a notice of foreclosure.

If you need legal services for matters related to foreclosure, but are unable to schedule an appointment during normal business hours, you can schedule an after hours appointment upon request.



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