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Thinking you need to file for Bankruptcy? 

If you are in financial trouble, you are not alone. The attorneys at the law firm of Gibson & Jarvis have helped people just like you find the legal solutions they needed to put their finances and their lives back on track.

The lawyers at Gibson & Jarvis PA can help you find legal
solutions or alternatives to filing for bankruptcy.


Sometimes our finances spiral out of control and it is often due to divorce, death of a loved one, health problems, loss of a job, or simply too much debt and too little money.  There is a reason that over one million people file for bankruptcy each year and it is not because they are bad people.  Most of the people who file bankruptcy are good, honest, hard-working people who file as a last resort after months or years of struggling to pay the bills. The bills may be from some life-changing experience, such as a divorce, the loss of a job, a failed business venture, a serious illness, or growing old, or some family emergency, or because you honestly and mistakenly fell into debt at a young age before you knew better, before you knew anything about budgeting or how to manage money.

The truth is Bankruptcy is a solution to help good people go through a bad time. It provides hard working people with the fresh start that they deserve, but are not able to obtain. If you need to file, bankruptcy is actually one of the most positive, responsible, honorable and noble steps you can take on behalf of your family and your family’s future, happiness and prosperity.

We realize financial difficulties can impact you, your family, your career, and even your health. If you are experiencing financial difficulty we may be able to help you. Contact the law firm of Gibson & Jarvis for more information regarding financial problems and filing bankruptcy. This may be one of your first steps toward financial freedom.

If you need legal services for matters related to bankruptcy, but are unable to schedule an appointment during normal business hours, you can schedule an after hours appointment upon request.



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